Denise is the most talented colorist I have ever had the fortune to meet.  I love the colors she picked for my house, even after living with them for years!!!!! She listens to me(the customer) and guides me toward the look I want to achieve in my home. Denise is hands on and can hang a picture, paint a wall, or move a piece of furniture. Whatever you need! I have been decorating my home at change of season for years. Her Christmas decor is amazing, as is everything she does! A pleasure to know and work with.  
– Jackie


I have known Denise Dolan  for over 25 years and what I know most about Denise is that she is a Creative in every aspect of her life.

She has supported me on many projects over the years when I needed a support to move forward with a project.

When it comes to Designing  your Homes, Denise, has a magical touch – as everything she touches awakens with Beauty, color, and texture.

She will make your home a sanctuary by bringing the best out in what you have created yourselves and then taking it to the next level.
She has an uncanny capacity to manifest beauty, grace, and peace in her work.  

She loves working with her clients by getting to know them  through conversations and observing how they use their spaces.
Once she has a good understanding of what you are wanting to create –
She then co-creates with you and brings  your  vision to life – the vision  that you weren’t able to bring into clarity.

If you have the chance to co-create with Denise Dolan – a Master of Design and Creativity –
What I know to be true is that your Heart will Smile a Big Smile of Delight when the project is completed.

Your Home will be the Sanctuary you have always longed for.

– Emmy from Bend, Oregon

I’ve known Denise Dolan for over ten years and she’s been my go-to gal for all of my decorating needs since then.  There’s just one word to describe her work – “awesome.”  She is gifted in taking what you have, culling the great stuff and creating a home that represents your style.  The end result is a pulled-together house that you can be proud of.  Denise knows colors and picks the perfect color for each room. She even paints it for you if you want.  Denise has done everything from paint my antique table to help me design a new kitchen.  And, of course, with her styling background, she makes a room feel cozy and inspiring.  I can’t recommend her more highly.Love ya! 
– Laura